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IMAG0862Hi Barb,
Just an update on Sonny- He is the sweetest pup! We couldn’t be happier with him. No accidents so far and he slept through the night both nights with only a couple of barks after waking up to Tony sneezing on the first night here. He has gone into his kennel a couple of times for naps. It’s so nice that he is comfortable in there already. He is super sweet, easy-going, and affectionate. He loves to give kisses and be right by our side. We are use to chow hounds, but he is a slow and polite eater. He seems a little unsure of his big stainless steel bowl and is slow to take his kibble out of it, but is eating fine off the floor and from ours hands. We are assuming he will eat more as he grows and gets more comfortable here. We took him on a couple of short walks and he trots right by our side and doesn’t seem too phased by the leash yet. What a good boy he is! Yesterday morning we brought him in for his well check at the vet. He basically slept through the entire appointment! He melted everyone’s heart that met him. Everything went well. He is a healthy pup. We couldn’t be happier with our sweet little boy!

THANK YOU for all you do to prepare such a wonderful companion for us. You really go above and beyond. Thank you!
-Tony, Danielle, and Sonny