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IMAG1029 Sonny’s 2nd vet appt

We couldn’t be happier with Sonny! (Copper/Jackson) He is such a sweet, playful, happy boy. He loves people and being right by our side. He likes to crawl up in our laps when we play with him on the floor, and eagerly wags his tail watching people walk pass our house. He is pretty fearless and curious. He often quietly sits and watches something new, cocking his head and wagging his tail. He is good at entertaining himself while entertaining us! He makes us laugh every day. He is confident and learns quickly. On Monday he will graduate from the first level of puppy classes! He knows sit, shake, down, stay, and touch.

His sweet personality quickly melts the hearts of everyone he meets and he is easily the cutest ball of fluff we have ever known. One day while walking him in our neighborhood I was stopped by the calls of a mom and little boy across the street about how cute he was. Sonny and I walked over to give them some puppy time. While chatting on the sidewalk with them a car slowed in the intersection with the window down, a woman poked her head out and yelled, “He is the CUTEST thing!”. The woman next to me commented, “Goodness! He is so cute he is literally stopping traffic!”. He is pretty cute.

He has already brought such joy to our lives. Thank you for everything you do, Barb, to prepare such a good companion for us. You really go above and beyond.

Thank you, Tony, Danielle, and Sonny 🙂