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Sierra & Summit



Hi Barb, I hope this e-mail finds you and you family well. Kari, my wife, and I just wanted to update you on the TWO GREAT Goldens we have in our family. We have Sierra (Captain & Emmy – June 09) and Summit (Captain & Jewel – February ’10) from Rolling Oaks Goldens that bring incredible joy to us in our daily lives.

Sierra is about 18 months now. She has become a great “role model” for Summit, and has taught him everything he knows:) Sierra is a beautiful Golden, that is extremely smart, and a true “people” person. She loves anyone willing to give her a “pat on the head” or a rub on her chest. When Sierra was about 6 months old we boarded her with you for a weekend. You had made the comment that when you ran the dogs, Sierra “was a runner and kept up with the big dogs,” well, she is still a runner and LOVES to run, and run and run. Sierra will do anything for you, if you just throw her tennis ball for her. She loves our daily walks and loves being outside.

Summit is now just about one year old, and his last vet visit he weighed in at 90lbs. He is long and lean and has become our “Gentle Giant.” He is a loveable, cuddly, 90lb “puppy.” He loves to play, and loves having his big sister to play with. Summit is a very laid back pup that looks for any opportunity to cuddle up to you, or keep your feet warm on a cold winters night.

We had so much joy from Sierra, we decided to add Summit to our family last year. My wife and I are so happy we made that decision. Two parts of my day I look forward to are the morning and evening walk I take the dogs on daily. We are lucky enough to live close to a park, and a lake. In the winter, the dogs love playing in the snow on the frozen lake. No matter what my day entails, that morning and evening walk with the dogs helps me put things in perspective. They are endless givers of love and I am pretty sure our lives wouldn’t be nearly as exciting if we didn’t have them! Many people are so impressed with both Sierra and Summit, and we have recieved so many “Beautiful Dogs!” comments we lost count.

Kari and I are excited to start a new chapter in our life this summer, when we add our first child to our family. We are anxious to add to the small family we began when we brought Sierra home in August 2009.

Take Care,

Kari and Patrick