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Here is an update with pictures of Sienna (Captain and Zoey 2-13-10). Her first day home at 10# was amazing for us! She is truly a golden girl! She fell asleep and we did cover her, but the bear is not posed . . . She was so tired!  This summer she went on the boat (was in my lap for most of the ride!), went swimming and for lots of runs. She loves our deck and being outside. She grew up so fast! . . . We’ve had lots of “Kodak” moments!. . . . Here she is this winter and she just loves jumping in the snow! Our vet weighed her in at 58# now – and very healthy. She started with puppy kindergarten and is attending Obedience training regularly. She did earn her “AKC Star Puppy Award”. We wanted to have you train her also, which we just finished with, and your training was wonderful! I highly recommend it. It really gave her a huge boost. The DVD is especially helpful to be certain we are doing things correctly and nice to review – Sienna loves to watch it as well. We are continuing with our formal Obedience training and she is doing great. She is the youngest in her class and keeps up with the best of them! She is a pure delight! She has added a golden light to our family. Christmas will be extra special this year! Holiday blessings to one and all!