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Sienna is 6 1/2 years old. She was born 2/13/10 from Zoey and Captain’s litter
Now 6 1/2 years old…. (2/13/10)  Zoey and Captain.
Sienna is a joy beyond measure and words. She captivated our hearts on the very first day …. and I am convinced beyond measure that my Dad in heaven and my last golden, Tiffany, helped pick her for us!  She’s perfect! I’m certain we all feel the same of our precious Goldens.  Mine likes to wake me in the morning by laying her nose across my neck – I can’t think of better way to wake up!!!  I want to tell you about something tho’ hoping it will inspire you to really check your dogs oral care.  Sienna had a small growth on her gum line – about a small pea size or even a little less – posterior to her canine (on that tiny tooth) on the Lower Left. I brought her into the vet and he wanted to get it off right away….stating sometimes these growths can be cancerous or they can move the dogs teeth….depending on the type of growth it was. He could not believe it was caught that early and that small. I was scared none the less. This is my main reason for writing, I want to encourage everyone to take good care of their dog’s teeth! We had so many praying for Sienna – and we were blessed to find out her growth was NOT cancerous and the type she had is not cancerous at all – but if it had not been caught early, it still could have moved her teeth or she could have lost her tooth…..as it was – she has her tooth, nothing was moved and she is great.  : )  There is another kind of growth however, that can be cancerous (only the pathology will tell them) and this growth is dangerous – when not caught early, some dogs have lost half their mandible to the tumor as it enters into the bone….so PLEASE – check and do oral care on your dogs – I’m so very glad I did and it’s easy to let go sometimes. When I picked up Sienna at the vet to go home, another gentleman was being told they had to remove 19 teeth from his dogs mouth…. I was shocked!  That scared me into being even more vigilant – it’s an area we usually don’t even think about!!!   I also thank BARB for her support during this time as I did write her to let her know….. Thank you Barb!  Blessings come in phone calls from Vets!!!  : )  As it was, it was just an annoying growth….and caught so early no damage or changes even had been done.  Thankfully…….  God Bless all of our golden owners!!!
*If you don’t know – DO NOT use human toothpaste for your dogs oral care – there are special doggy toothpastes on the market…salmon or liver are usually the favs and they do not smell like that, so no worries!  You can use a soft ‘human/childs’ toothbrush, but they also do make various ones for dogs….There are also sprays on the market – just read ingredients before you use. You only need to brush the outside – their saliva takes care of the inside!!!  : )  Happy brushing!