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Should I get another golden?

This client is wondering if it’s a good idea to get another golden. I typically recommend waiting at least six months, preferably a year to introduce a second dog into the home. That way the first dog completely bonds to the humans and is trained. The new pup then understands his place in the “pack” so to speak. If your dog is too old and frail I recommend waiting till he passes away because a puppy might be too stressful to handle if he is not well. Summit looks pretty content on her couch. She might not want to “share” her family at first but after a week or two would love a four legged companion! Barb

What are your thoughts about adding another Golden to the house when we have our 4 year old “Summit” born 6/6/12 (Finny/Hazel) already. Kerry and I can’t get enough of our “child” lol and often wonder how Summit would handle a new puppy added to the family?  We wanted and asked for the lightest color and smallest one in the litter. You did a PERFECT match!
EVERYONE that sees her can’t believe how cute she is! Summit’s demeanor is really low key. She never barks and when we take her to doggy day care(2-3 times a month) the employee’s love her to death. Kerry and I are just asking the question as we can’t get enough of Summit 🙂
Mike & Kerry