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Barb, I’ve attached pictures of Shelby from Jasmine and Captain’s 2009 litter (the pink collar). In the picture where she is staring intently, there are two ducks in our neighbor’s decorative pond. It seems like in the second picture that she is thinking, “Please let me see them!” I can hardly believe that she is almost two years old. In some respects, it seems like we just got her and in others is seems like we’ve never known a day without her. She loves car rides and often goes to pick up the boys with me. She sits in the seat so proudly and excited to come along. Shelby especially loves the snow and playing with Matt (our younger son who picked her up with me) in the snow. He built a fort (really, a snow mound) in our front yard and Shelby loves to sit on top of it to observe the neighborhood. She actually prances on walks.

We asked for a dog that would play and settle quickly and be a great family dog. Barb, you picked out a fabulous dog for us. She does just that and seems to know when someone here needs a little extra attention. We love her dearly and are so thrilled to have such a wonderful and beautiful addition to our family. Your devotion to breeding excellent Goldens is so evident and we are so appreciative for all you do.

The third picture is from my husband’s cell phone. He put it on his Facebook page with the caption “We asked David to play with Shelby to tire her out. Guess who won?” We did ask him to play with her, but it was after two-a-day practices for football in August. He sat on the floor with her for a little bit and then was asleep on the floor. Shelby was protecting him. It’s such a sweet picture that I had to share it with you. Oh and the red cube in the picture is where we put about two-thirds of her food at each meal. She eats so fast that the cube slows her down. She loves playing with it to get the food. She has figured out how to push and pull so it doesn’t get stuck under the furniture. When she gets it stuck under the desk, she’ll sit by it. Then she’ll bark to get our attention. So sweet!

With warmest regards, Becky, Scott, David and Matt