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Saying goodbye to Dandi


IMG_2512 Dandi portrait in fabric 1
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Dear Barb,

Sadly we had to say goodbye to our precious Dandi on January 25th. Dandi was the sweetest, most wonderful

loving dog anyone could ever wish for. We are forever grateful to you for our sweetie pie, she was so special!

She would have been 15 on March 15th….and she was healthy as could be her entire life!


Her father was GloryBee Treasured Halo and her Mother was Heidi Queen Of Rolling Oaks, she was born on 3-15-2001.

Dandi was your little Anna’s love and you so graciously let her be a member of our family when you discovered an issue breeding her due to a cataract.


I wanted to let you know how special she was and how long she lived, healthy and happy up until her last few days. She lost weight quickly,

10 pounds in 4 weeks, she was still doing fine, eating, going on walks, loving being loved but she had a seizure on Saturday night, surprisingly rallied full of energy Sunday and then Monday wouldn’t eat or drink and then poor little girl couldn’t hold herself up so we let her go before she would suffer.

I know she is chasing bunnies and butterflies and our hearts will always be full of wonderful memories

Thank you for giving us sweet Dandi….she was the best!!


I have attached a few pictures for you.



Patty and Rich