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Saying goodbye to Drake

Today is a very sad day for me. I said good bye to Drake. He was our future stud dog, but has a mildly dysplastic elbow, so we cannot use him as a sire. This has been devastating to Rolling Oaks, and heart wrenching for Russ and I. We finally had him neutered last week, and today placed him with a wonderful couple we met through our son Daniel. We felt it was unfair to keep Drake, when he could live with a family that would give him so much one on one attention. It was difficult for us to see him, romping in the field with such ease, playing with the other dogs and loving life, knowing he could never father our puppies. He seems so perfect, yet it was not meant to be to keep him for our stud. He is a very happy go lucky dog, and tries to please. He has the temperament of a true golden. I know his new owners already adore him, and he will have the best life. It is still hard to let go. I made sure he knew I loved him, and that is why I was letting him go.  The right thing isn’t always the easiest. Today is an example of it.