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20150913_150635Hi Barb,
Just wanted to send you an update about Sabin, he will be 6 at the end of the month.  We continue to adore him, he truly is a wonderful dog.  Unfortunately with my job I see Golden Retrievers all too often with health or personality problems that are likely due (at least in part) to poor breeding, I’m so happy with my guy – I think he represents the breed well – from his looks to his personality to his continued good health he’s great!
Children seem to be particularly attracted to  and he loves the attention from them.  We recently visited the Clay County Fair (which is a big deal in Iowa, almost as big as our state fair is) for some volunteer experiences and he did great.  He was part of a demonstration that allow people to listen to a dog’s heart and we did a presentation on dog bite prevention for elementary students. He had the opportunity to meet many new people and get lots of loving so he was in Golden Retriever heaven!
I have attached a picture of Sabin and myself with “Cy” our mascot from Iowa State who was also at 4-H discovery days with us at the fair.


Cheers, Janessa​