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Ryder’s First Week!

Hi Barb!

It’s been a week so I just wanted to send a little update. We are so in love with him!!!!

Ryder has been so amazing in his crate since night one. He is usually so worn out by 9pm he goes in there and sleeps without accidents until 6:30 the next morning. We started out keeping him up until 10/11pm but recently he just can’t stay awake that long.

We went to the vet on Monday morning and he was in perfect health. We made a vaccination plan for him that’s all one needle at a time.

He loves to walk to the bus stop to drop off/ meet the girls. He’s figuring out the leash better and better each day.  He loves to walk and meet the girls and the whole neighborhood loves him.  We have had such a fun week with him – he’s adorable and all the work you did with him is so obvious and we are so grateful!

Hope you all are doing well!