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Rusty 1 Rusty 3

Hi Barb!
I hope you and your family are doing well. Rusty (ZOEY/JACKSON) is now 3 months old! He is growing so fast it is unbelievable.

He loves to check the mail with us and his job is very important…he carries the junk mail to the door. He does it with such pride! His little teeth are getting so sharp we call him our little land shark.

We wanted to write to you and tell you that we are still so thankful (and will always be) for the care and work that you put into Rusty before we got him. He is such a blessing in many ways. His sweetness and love of people has even broken through the barrier of our little 6 year old neighbor who is scared of dogs. He is not scared anymore! In fact, today he was doing Rusty’s tricks with him. Yay God!

Anyways, just a little update for you about our little Rusty and a big THANK YOU to all of the work you do with your dogs.

-Anna, Ryan and Rusty