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I love Golden Retrievers! When I receive messages like this one it just confirms why goldens are the best breed on earth. (ok, I am a little bias in my opinion) I couldn’t resist sharing the sweet photos of this little baby growing up with his golden Rusty. (Zoey/Jackson)

Merry Christmas Rolling Oaks!

We loved receiving your Christmas card this year and look forward to it every year!

Rusty is doing great! He’s loving being a big brother to Carson (13 months). He is so gentle with him and doesn’t mind Carson pulling his tail or sticking his fingers in Rusty’s food. Rusty uses kisses as his form of self-defense if he’s had enough. Carson loves to pull himself up on Rusty and ‘walk’ with him. We take Rusty on long walks daily and remind him how special he is to us and how thankful we are to have him as our protector and best friend. Thank you for putting so much love into him before we got him almost 5 years ago.

Merry Christmas to you all!

Anna, Ryan, Carson and Rusty (Zoey/Jackson)