Specializing in Breeding and Training Golden Retrievers for 40 Years.

Rosie & boarding at Rolling Oaks East-Brooklyn Center


Dear Barb,
Our Rosie is a neighborhood celebrity.  She loves getting hooked up to her leash and going on walks because with each walk her fan club grows.  Recently a girl asked to pet Rosie and exclaimed, “I’ve always wanted a Golden Retriever puppy!” as Rosie lay on her back and indulged in belly rubs.  I know exactly how that girl feels because it took 38 years for this girl (me) to have the exact dream come true.

Mark and I are proud puppy parents.  Rosie makes us laugh, smile, and take time to slow down and enjoy the simplicity of watching our sweet girl wrestle with her favorite toys.  We fondly call her “Rosie Roux” because her color reminds us of the combination of butter and flour.

Thank you, Barb, for so lovingly preparing your puppies for their future homes.  Thank you for referring us to your daughter, Kelly, and Rolling Oaks East.  As working puppy parents, Mark and I realize that raising a puppy is a team effort and feel fortunate to have Kelly and her family on our team.

Sincerely, Kate and Mark Mabel