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Rolling Oaks Just Went Viral!

OUR VIDEO WENT VIRAL!!!I am not sure how it happened but we posted a typical video of life here at Rolling Oaks.  Our Grandson Ethan was here helping me and I captured him being attacked by the puppies. As of now there are 2.5 MILLION views!! It is so fun knowing our little video is bringing joy to people.

Loads Of Puppies Jump All Over Kid

'If you hug one of us, you have to hug all of us' 😅🐶

Posted by UNILAD on Monday, February 26, 2018

There is so much darkness and hurting in our world. For 23 seconds we can forget about all the issues and just laugh. Sunday was bitter-sweet for me as the last puppy left to go to its new home. Two litters born one day apart was a lot of work. Bringing 15 puppies to the nursing home, school etc. was an accomplishment! One of the most rewarding parts of my job is to see the expression on people’s face when we come through a door with a pile of puppies. Instant happiness! The puppies little tails don’t stop wagging.

Also the moment when I hand the puppy over to its new owner. I have spent hours and hours nurturing the pup preparing it for this moment.when it goes to its new home. It is definitely bitter-sweet.

One of the young women who helps us with the puppies was in a terrible car accident on Saturday. Thankfully she is going to be okay. It was another reminder to me of how very fragile life is. I deal with living beings every day and know that life is not a science. Things happen. But through it all I try hard to live in the moment and be thankful. Today I am one very thankful woman!! All the puppies are in wonderful homes, bringing joy and happiness and new memories to families. All my dogs and kids are healthy! And I have Russ! 

It’s a great day at Rolling Oaks.