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FullSizeRenderHi Barb,
We have been so busy enjoying our wonderful boy, Riley (Milly/Jackson) that
we thought it was about time we share with you the joy he has brought to our
lives! Your hard work and tender loving care preparing him to come home with
us made such an easy transition for all of us.  He has slept through the
night since day one!  He is not only gorgeous, as you can see, but also a
mellow, happy dog.  We receive daily compliments on his exceptional good
looks.  More than once folks have asked if he is on commercials!  Riley
absolutely loves children and our neighbors’ two kids are his playmates!  He
cries at the open window if he hears them outdoors.  Your son, Daniel, has
been very helpful with our training questions.  He is very supportive and
patient with us.  It seems we need training more than Riley! 🙂  Thank you
for providing so many families with such wonderful pets!
Carol and Bob

IMG_0482 IMG_0481

Hi Barb,

Riley has grown so much.   At last vet visit he weighed in at 73 lbs.  He has boarded with Daniel a few times in the last 6 months and just loves playing with Madison.We continue to work on our training and commands.  He is a smart and eager boy.  Bob and I are the ones being trained. 🙂 Here is a more recent photo. Carol and Bobimage001