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Hi Barb, 

Hope you, your family, and all the dogs and their puppies are doing well! I absolutely love seeing all of your recent videos of all the litters of puppies you have had this past winter. The puppies are just so adorable, I can watch the videos over and over and it makes me smile.  

Quincey (Jackson/Cabela) is continuing to bring us lots love and joy each day!  I cannot believe that she will be FIVE this September! Quincey is at a healthy weight of 75 pounds and enjoys going for long walks around the neighborhood.  We take her everywhere, even to our favorite breweries last fall.

Austin and I are excited to share with you that Quincey is going to be a BIG SISTER this September! We are expecting our first baby September 18th and are just over the moon excited! I am the most excited to see how Quincey will be with the new baby – she is SO incredibly gentle and loving towards all of our friends babies and children, I just love seeing her interact and play with them.  One of the best things we love about Quincey, her loving companionship.  She is going to make the best big sister.  We are truly blessed.  

Hope all is well and that you enjoy your Spring!

Ashley, Austin & Quincey