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Hi Barb,  Happy 2016! Hope you enjoyed the holidays with your family.  I wanted to send you a few pictures of our sweet, Quincey (Cabela/Jackson).  Quincey turned two years old last September.  She enjoys going outside for walks, playing fetch with the ball, being around other dogs, and going on road trips with us .We enjoy taking her everywhere, including back to my hometown South Bend, IN and up north to the cabin!.  She loves cuddling with not only Austin and I, but also with her toys.  Quincey is popular to all the young kids on our street – she loves playing with them and getting lots of love and attention. It’s so cute to watch! Quincey has been such a gentle and loving companion, she’s our little shadow and follows us around the house.  We absolutely love her and don’t know what life would be without her! We’ve been so blessed.  Thank you again so much for matching the perfect puppy to us!

Take Care,