Specializing in Breeding and Training Golden Retrievers for 40 Years.


We have three litters at Rolling Oaks! Not one, not two, but three! Needless
to say I have not had time to return calls for puppy applications. Although
we have bred dogs for summer litters, they are spoken for. To alleviate
guessing and making promises for puppies that are not here, we have decided
to stop taking applications at this time. The summer puppies are spoken for
and to be honest, I don’t think we will have puppies available until late fall or winter
of 2017. When we get closer to the time that we will have puppies available
again, we will change the status on the website to again accept applications
and phone interviews. I feel so rude when weeks go by after an application
is submitted and I have not contacted the client for an interview. Making
time for phone interviews for puppies that may not be available for 9 months
is very difficult. I hope you can understand why we have made this decision.
For those of you who have a deposit down for a Rolling Oaks Puppy, your
puppy should be born around April and ready in June. Typically I would email
you with updated information, but the puppies I have are all consuming and
one week after they leave the next litter will be born!! Thank you for being
patient and understanding. If you have any questions please email me at
info@rollingoaks.com. You can follow our current litters on Instagram &
Facebook! I will also post photos on the site so you can see all the places
we will be going the next few weeks. Again, thank you for understanding.