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Our First 24 Hours & Week with Sweet Willy

Hi again, Barb…

Thank you for your nice reply and for the advice. Our first week with Willy has been GREAT, and we all just love him so much. He is such a good puppy…we cannot believe it. He sleeps ALL night in his crate with no complaints, and he likes to nap there in the day. He seems comfortable in our home, and he loves exploring the outdoors. We’ve tried a couple of walks, but so far he would just chew on the leash! Today I brought him to school so that Matthew’s 5th-grade class could meet him. He was very popular, as you can imagine! I will attach a picture.

Take care, Barb, and we will keep you updated!

Wendy & Family

Good afternoon, Barb…

We’ve had a really good first 24 hours with Willy! He slept well in his crate with minimal crying in the night. He was up at 5:30 for potty and playtime and has been repeating that cycle all day long

He is a very affectionate puppy, which we all love! We are so happy to have him in our family:). I’ll attach a few pictures so you can see him in his new surroundings!

Thanks again, Barb! Take care,

Wendy, Marc, Willy & the rest of the Family