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New Puppy Post!

We’ve received many messages and photos from our clients who just brought their sweet Rolling Oaks Golden Puppies home, I thought I’d share:

BODEN is the sweetest boy!! We love him so much!! 

Boden Rolling Golden Oaks Golden Retrievers

This is Aspen. (Honey/Reagen)

Aspen Golden Retrievers Goldens

More puppies!

Rolling Oaks Golden Retrievers
Rolling Oaks Golden Retrievers

A quick note to give you an update on Lucy’s first night and day:Last night

Lucy was quiet all night, gave a couple of tiny whimpers when first in the crate, but settled right down, slept 7 hours without a peep, and awoke this morning with dry bedding.  It was a GREAT first night. 

Today, I introduced the leash, no problem at all, she had no reaction, just kept doing what she was doing, all the while dragging the leash behind.    We were at my daughter’s home for Easter brunch and took Lucy on a walk on the leash, again, she didn’t seem to mind. 

I can’t thank you enough, the work you do and the love and care you give to your puppies during the most critical part of their development shows in the ease Lucy is transitioning.   She has wonderful things to learn and I am looking forward to the start of PK Training in a couple of weeks.  Will report in at that point.

Thanks so much

He seems to think he needs his own booster seat. 🤣

Finley just started doggie daycare on Wednesday’s yesterday. I can’t thank you enough.

Kiah is doing good still working on potty training and biting will start puppy classes in a couple of weeks   Loves to be outside and explore or lay on the front step 🙂

Kiah Rolling Oaks Goldens Golden Retrievers

He is just the cutest!!! Can you stand it?!!