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Hi Barb,

I have been meaning to write you and update you on little Miss Naiya. I put everything into play that we had discussed on the phone (re: her pottying in the house & us needing to be more strict/pull up the rugs/confine her to smaller spaces). Everything worked!

I pulled the rugs up, we confined her to the kitchen then she earned back more and more free reign of the house when we leave. We still have not put the main rug that goes in the living room back down & we’re fine with that. We also close all the doors to rooms that have rugs when we leave the house and she is still not allowed to go into the basement when we leave (there’s a rug down there). She’s a happy camper, there’s been no peeing and we’re happy campers—-so the Weldon household is at peace once again.

I think every day I love her more and more—I didn’t know that was possible. Sometimes I think I must kiss her as much as she gives me kisses & we just slobber on each other. ha ha. She really is my best little buddy and even when I exercise at home on my yoga mat she wants to be right there with me. She thinks I put down the yoga mat for her. It’s quite cute.

I’ve attached a couple pictures of us this summer. There are two really good pics—one from her daycare and another dog event we went to together. She’s just the best Barb. I can’t thank you enough for our little fur-ball-of love!

Thanks again for all the great advice too.