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Murphy & Potter

Hi Barb! Just wanted to send you some pictures of our 4 legged Rolling Oaks children. They are the best dogs ever, and have adjusted to their new baby brother Weston very well. We are enjoying them tons! Murphy is such a good girl, but loves to steal napkins and dish towels at any opportunity she sees. She is has adjusted to walking with a stroller very well and keeps her eye on her brother if I leave the room. If the baby cries and I am not in the room she will find me and bark to let me know something is up. It is really fun to observe. Potter is our 80 lb baby and is as smart as can be. We started working with Potter on tricks and obedience as soon as we brought him home and he is a really smart boy. He is also a very good bird hunter. The professional guide that Kurt works with even offered to buy him from us. Of course we had to say NO! He is such a people person and loves to have his big head touching some part of us whenever possible. If our feet are the only thing on the floor that he can touch he will lay his head on them. It is so hard not to let them both on the couch with us, but we try to keep them off the furniture. I guess that just means we spend a fair amount of time on the floor with them :). They have both really missed the snow this year, but especially Potter. He will roll in any little tiny patch that he can find. He is definitely a winter boy. He lazes around in the summer, but the cool weather really brings out the puppy in him. Here are some recent pictures of the two of them. Thank you for breeding such beautiful family dogs! Kurt & Mariah

Potter (Ezra/Decoy Litter) Murphy (Emmy/Captain Litter)

Murphy June 2009 Litter Emmy/Captain