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Mr. Maverick

Hi, Barb and Rolling Oaks family!


I just wanted to pop in and give you an update on our Maverick (Champ and Winnie, January 2019).


He’s our big, sweet boy Mav! I often see a little of his dad and mom in his looks, for sure. We get compliments all the time about how beautiful, sweet and calm he is. And it’s so fun seeing people light up when they pass him on walks because his smile is so contagious.


He loves to play fetch (especially in the water), go on walks (he even scouts out new trails for us to walk). He loves to lay in the shade under trees and people watch, take naps while listening to piano music, go for rides with his snout out the window, and anything and everything else mom and dad want to do. He’s our little adventure buddy!


Here are some photos of our Mr. Maverick! We say often how grateful we are to have him in our lives. He fits in perfectly with us!


Take care,

Jess and Brad