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More Puppy Updates

IMG_20150508_092937426Hi Barb,

This is Annie’s favorite place to crash, as long as I am reading next to her.  She has been soooo good.  Hope the others are as happy as I am, with the puppy you selected.

She already goes to the door.  I am very impressed and the crate is dry every time.  I am sorta living in the family room/kitchen.  Protects the rest of the house from accidents, because I use the baby gate.

Hope all is going well.  I know you are very busy with Hazel’s puppies.  I really know how much work it must be, because one keeps me going, but in a good way.  Like you said one time, “Just love puppy kisses”.

I will continue keeping you updated.  We are heading to Woodridge today, to visit my mother.

Later, Debbie and Annie. (Jackson/Zoey)

Hey Barb and Russ….Writing to let you know how Finley’s first night at his new home went.  He was wonderfull!!!!  Only awoke twice during the night and cried for less than a minute both times before he went back to sleep.
We want to especially thank you for placing Finley with us.  We think he is a perfect match temperament wise for a couple of older clients such as ourselves, and, has such a bright ,loving and inquisitive nature.  We appreciate all the time and hard work you invest in these wonderful dogs that bring so much joy to the families that have them.  Again,…..Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!!!
Anne and Tim




Where do I begin? Elsa is a dream!  I LOOOOOOOVE her! It hasn’t even been a week and each day I think she is more amazing.  She gets antsy and I take her to her spot, and she poops (it seems like on command). She loves to play with our kids and Norah is warming up to her more and more.  We are teaching Norah (our 3 year old) how to play with her.  Elsa rarely whines.  She goes to bed between 9-11 pm depending on what I am doing and doesn’t get up til 6:30 to 8; again depending on what I am doing. This morning I got her out of her crate at 8…she hadn’t even barked!!  She was really shaky in the mornings the first few days and now she knows I am coming and I am not going to leave her in the crate forever. Today is the first morning she ate better.  She likes to play in the mud and loves running around with the kids, even in the rain. she will always snuggle with me and especially loves to put her head on my belly. Her little face looks so much like Hazel’s.

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