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Meeting you at that State Fair

Hi Barb, I know you are very busy with the State Fair. My first visit to the State Fair in fifteen years was four years ago; and you were there. I am sure your meet thousands of people at the Fair, and yet you patiently took the time to allow me to meet Captain and guided me to your website. Thank you. I decided right there at the Fair that I wanted to be an owner of a Rolling Oaks Golden.

I will always be grateful for the opportunity to share my life with a Rolling Oaks Golden. Greta is a delightful companion; she if energetic, fun, determined, gentle and a lover kids, adults, balls, and frisbees. Here is our most recent picture at the beach.

Again Barb, thank you for your contributions at the Fair. Best wishes for continued success in raising terrific dogs. I will always be a Rolling Oaks fan club member.