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Maiya’s 12th Birthday!

Hi Barb!

I hope you, Russ and Amy are feeling better every day!

We celebrated Maiya’s 12th birthday yesterday! The adult kids even came home to sing Happy Birthday, and watch her enjoy her favorite birthday “cake” ~ a big bowl of canned salmon topped with a candle, haha!!!

She’s still a happy, healthy and mellow girl, just a little slower and needing a help getting into the truck these days. Still loves everyone she meets and will go from person to person for petting and giving love. Her favorite place is the cabin, where she can be outside all day long and play her never ending game of “accidentally” dropping her tennis ball off the dock, watching it float away, jumping in after it, shaking off, and laying down at the dock’s edge, repeat!

Maiya’s the best thing we ever did for our family. We love her more than words can convey. Thank you for choosing her for us~ we are forever grateful!

Cheers to all of our “golden” years!
~ Nancy, John, Nathan & Claire