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Maddie’s Puppy: Duncan

Hi Barb,
I wanted to update you on Duncan’s progress. He’s been doing wonderfully well in his new surroundings. He is sleeping through the night (from night 1!), and goes potty outside consistently. I think we’ve only had 2 accidents in the house, and that was likely our fault for not seeing the signs. We’ve been to Ben’s parents’ lake several times, and Duncan loves to dig in the sand, wade in the water and run up and down the beach. He is an angel when he comes to work with me each day, and sleeps soundly in his kennel. We get out every couple hours and romp around at the park by my office, and then it’s back to sawing zzzs! He has met several of the family dogs, and does a nice job of knowing his place in “the pack.” It has been a wonderful experience, and we’re so thankful for all of your hard work in socializing him and training him right off the bat. He’s got “come” and “sit” down perfectly. Our vet and the vet student who looked at Duncan were very impressed by his advanced progress. Thank you! Here are some photos of Duncan for you.

Thanks again Barb! We love our little puppy!
Best regards, Becky & Ben