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Lyme Disease

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We just found out our daughter Amy has Lyme disease. I chose this photo to
share because it is one of the rare moments in the last months that she is
feeding herself! She got really sick in July 2014 and again in October.
Since December she has lost 20 pounds and her functions have really
regressed. We went to a neurologist, rheumatologist, infectious disease
doctor and came up with empty answers. All her tests were normal except one
showed RNP antibodies present. Our daughter Christie is a homeopathic
practitioner and went to a seminar in November about Lyme disease. She felt
very strongly that Amy had Lymes, although all the tests came back negative.
Christie learned of a lab in California that does a complete lyme panel so
we sent Amy’s blood sample there and it was confirmed. We feel so blessed to
finally have an answer for Amy’s illness. We have begun antibiotic and have
been doing supplements and homeopathic remedies. I wanted all of you know a
little bit about what has been going on in my personal life as I have not
been very diligent on responding to puppy applications or phone calls. We
have three litters on the farm right now, Ruthie, Zoey and Hazel. All the
moms and puppies are doing great. I feel a bit over whelmed each day as I go
from puppy to puppy to hold it while I run through my mind what appointment
Amy needs to go to or what we need to do next! There is something so
peaceful about holding puppies. They reassure me that life goes on, and
everything works out. This has been a very scary road and at one point we
were given the prognosis that Amy may have a fatal disease. I have cried out
to God for help and wisdom, and He again has answered me! Thank you to all
of you who have been and are being patient with me and for all of your
support. Through this whole process I have never felt alone. God has been
with me and sent people into my life to help and listen and bring answers. I
am feeling very, very thankful! If any of you have had experience with Lyme
Disease, please feel free to email me about it. I have been researching like
crazy and trying to educate myself. Sometimes experience is the greatest
teacher, so if you have something you think may help us, please share it. We
are going to a Lyme Literate doctor this Thursday. He happens to be located
½ hour from here. Another blessing so I don’t have to leave the puppies for
very long when going to the appointments!! So, just a reminder, if you have
submitted a puppy application and are waiting for me to connect with you,
don’t despair! I will be calling you shortly! Thanks for understanding!!

Barb Felt