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Lucy’s First Vet Visit

Hi Barb!


I hope all is well with you and your family!


I wanted to give you an update on Lucy and her first vet visit.  My girl has gained 1lb 9oz during her first week with us and she got a clean bill of health!


We absolutely love her!  She has the sweetest personality.  She really isn’t afraid of anything and it’s so impressive!  She’s like her mom and is velcro.  We don’t need to put a leash on her as she follows us.  She’s also very friendly with our grandchildren and loves to play with them!   We are so grateful to have her, thank you again!!  I’ve attached a picture of her and my dad, he couldn’t wait to meet her!


On a side note, we saw Marvel and Paxton on the news.  It brought tears to my eyes seeing how happy Paton was to have her!  She’s a blessing!


Take Care –