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Hi Barb

Wanted to send a little update on our Lucy, now 4 months of age.   She is the love of my life, full of energy and fun, yet gentle and sweet, a truly happy puppy.   To date, I have not found anything that shakes this little girl.  She is always eager to try new things and explore new places.  

Lucy rocked the 4th of July parade and celebrations; taking it all in while playing happily at my feet, unfazed by the sites and sounds that go along with the holiday.

Lucy completed puppy kindergarten with flying colors.  She learns quickly and is mastering her sits, downs, shake hands, and waiting patiently for her Que to eat, giving us a leg up as we begin formal obedience training this weekend. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the work you do in breeding and raising these amazing puppies.