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Losing Mic

I wanted to post this very sweet, emotional email from one of our clients who’s dog passed away. You don’t realize what an impact your dog has on your life until they are gone. The absence leaves a void. As I read this message, my heart aches for Jeff and his family, but it also makes me  happy that they were blessed with so much joy and pleasure in owning their dog for 11 years. Love is the most powerful force on the earth. The love this family shared with Mic made an impact on their lives.  I feel so thankful I could be a part of that. Although this is a sad story, it should remind us all how fortunate we are to have love in our lives.


I just wanted to say thank you.

Tuesday morning, I lost my best friend.

He fell asleep and just did not wake up. Both he and I knew he was passing. I laid down next to him, petted him and talked to him, he laid his head next to mine. He was not in pain and he never whined or whimpered. He passed away in my arms.

Mic was my best friend. He was my constant companion these past 11 years. He helped me through the most difficult times of my life. I would have been lost without him. He always gave me his unconditional love.

When I told you the qualities I was looking for in a dog, you nailed it.

He simply loved to do whatever I was doing, to be with me. Swimming, fishing, walking and anything outdoors. But he would always be by my side. If he was on a leash, he would carry it. He loved to walk himself. He would get his leash when he wanted to walk, but he would hold it on the walk, not me. He was quite the local celebrity in our small town. He loved to go down the slides at the park and all of the kids knew him. He grew up with my kids and all of their friends. He was everyone’s dog.

imag3600He still has all of the stuffed animals he has had since the week I picked him up from you. He carried them everywhere and would sleep with them. He never destroyed a single one.

He would play with all animals. Cats, dogs, horses, cows, rabbits etc..  As long as they were friendly, he would play with them.

Whenever I was home, he was by my side. If I traveled, he went with me, unless it was for work. If I traveled for work he would sit in my chair while I was gone. He would never get on the furniture even if you called him up, only when I would not take him on business trips. When I was home, and if I moved to a different chair, he would simply follow me and lay at my feet. If one of my kids were not feeling well he would lay by them. He was extremely well mannered and would do what he was asked. He loved to carry my mail home from the mailbox and give it to my daughter. He also loved riding in the car with his head out the sunroof.

I have a good friend whose son has down syndrome. Mic was very close with Matthew. He was so gentle around Matthew, and Mic loved to please him.  Mic was always extra patient with Matthew. Mic could read his moods and always make him smile. He would respond to Matthew’s commands just as he would to mine. Mic was very protective of him.

Barb, I realize I am probably rambling, but he truly was my best friend. His unconditional love got me through my darkest times.

I just want you to understand the incredible gift he was in my life. I am truly blessed to have shared his companionship these past 11 years. I learned a lot from him. I am a better person because of him, as are my children.

Thank you for this gift Barb.

I look forward to scratching his belly and walking with him someday.