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Lola’s first week home

Barb, It’s been a very busy weekend for our darling Lola and at present she has decided to crash under a chair, with her chin on the cross bar. She is snoring so loudly that she keeps waking herself up! She has adjusted just beautifully to life in our home. She loves Holli and follows her around constantly. For the most part Holli has been quite patient and gentle with Lola, the only issue coming when Lola tries to play with “gray squirrel”. No one is allowed to play with gray squirrel. Holli gives a quiet growl and Lola backs off immediately. Holli has also taught her that rough and tumble play is not for inside but outside – game on. They love being outside together. Jon has had them out in the lake five or six times, out in snow over Lola’s body, and on shear ice. It’s so much fun to see her try to move around on all these surfaces. She’s does well in her crate, a few little whimpers during the night but she settles herself right down. Saturday saw a few accidents in the house but Jon felt as if those were really his fault for not paying closer attention to the signals. She knows to go to the laundry room door and we’ve started her ringing the bell (it hangs by the door) with her nose each time we go out. She is such a smart girl! Tomorrow is a trip to school with me and then to the vet. The kids at school are in for such a treat. Thank you do much for everything; more later this week! Jon and Deb and Lola