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IMG_2239Hi Barb,

Hope things are going well in your neck of the woods.  Just wanted to give you an update on Levi (Emmy/Champ). I’ve attached a picture of him taken in November, we did a professional photo shoot with both the dogs and this is our favorite one of Levi.  As I type this, he’s trying to climb into my lap and kissing my nose!

We just LOVE this dog!  He is such a character, such a funny, goofy, and very talky guy.  He’s been through obedience and could definitely use more of it.  He’s probably smarter than we give him credit for, but he acts like such a goofball it is hard to know.  We haven’t neutered him yet, we are waiting until he is 18 months old, and honestly, he doesn’t even lift his leg at this point.  Managing an intact dog has not been any big deal, at all.  He’s just terrific.

He is just a wonderful dog, we are just crazy about him, and everywhere we take him people remark on how beautiful he is, and how mellow for such a young dog.  He is just wonderful!