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Thought I’d send you an update on how things are going here with Kya (Mabel/Champ), formerly known as Orange Collar .😊
She is amazing, full of personality, and smart as a whip! We love her. 😊

The first night she cried in her kennel for a few minutes but then slept until 6am. She’s been sleeping quietly until 6am-8am since, with a clean crate. We have been playing her hard to wear her out before kennel at night so she’s tired, and try to do the same before kenneling her if we have to break to get some work done, and she’s very quickly associated the kennel with sleep! She’s learned that ringing the bells hanging on our patio door means she gets to go outside, and as long as I have something she wants (food dish, toy, treat) she sits for me pretty reliably. She usually waits for the command but oftentimes just sits because she knows I like when she sits nicely, so we’ll see how she does with a bigger variety of commands!

So far she has met a good amount of my extended family, my parents’ 4 dogs and cat, and my two cats. She wants to play with everyone, but seemed to figure out pretty quickly that cats do not like to play back, nor do my parents’ smaller dogs. A claws-in bop to her nose from the cats is enough to get her to leave them alone (for a little while, anyway) and once my cats realized that she can’t climb up as high as they can, they are perfectly content to watch her from above.

She went to the vet on Tuesday for a check. Everything was good.

We are absolutely in love with her, as is my family.

Thank you!!!!

Alexandra and Ian