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Kota & Rhea

Rhea, our son Joey, & Kota

Hi Barb, I just wanted to send you some recent pictures of Kota (Captain & Maddie’s July 2010 litter) and Rhea (Captain & Emmy’s February 2008 litter). This was taken on Kota’s 2nd birthday. Our 3 month old son Joey is in the pictures with the dogs. They are great with him and he is always entertained by them. We couldn’t be happier with Kota and what a great family member she has become. She is constantly ready to play, fetch her ball or go swimming. She still thinks that she is a tiny puppy and wants to sit in our laps. Thanks for everything you do for these dogs before they get to go home to their families. Hope all is well with you and your family. Nicole, John & Joey