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Hi Barb,
Thought you would like to see some pictures of Kenzie (Zoey, Jackson) now
that she has turned 1. She is a very happy girl that loves to play fetch
inside or outside. She is energetic, sweet and learns very quickly. She
loves to stay close to Russ and I.

Some of her earlier puppy behaviors have resolved, and others have improved
greatly. I have been working with 2 dog trainers, one who has been
instructed by Cesar Millan, and the other who trained Shephards for the
local police department. The are very familiar with the book “The Monks of
New Skete.” I have told them about you as Kenzie’s breeder. They think
that you are “right on” with everything you are doing. Thank you for being
such a fantastic breeder!

Kenzie is so very special. We love her so much, and are so glad she is part
of our family. Thank you for such a gorgeous dog!

P.S. I still love checking your website every so often. It is fun to see
all those adorable puppies!