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Hi Barb!

Everything is going well here with Keeva. We will be going back to the vet shortly for our first booster shot since she’s been home.

As you can see she has become friends with all the animals on my acreage. Once the cats figured out Keeva wasn’t a threat they have become 3 pea’s in a pod. (Keeva + 2 farm cats)

When we are outside, Keeva could sit and watch the goats all day I think! It’s the longest she ever sits still! Except when she’s sleeping!

She seems to have learned sit for the most part, and slowly getting the concept of the word “Kennel”. Potty training is going well, still a work in process but mostly on my part on getting her outside often enough. She does great in her kennel, no messes! She can go from 10 pm – 6 am overnight in her kennel with no accidents

Hopefully your new barn is progressing well!