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This is a testimony to how Homeopathy helped one of our clients. Jax was placed with this family as an older dog and had some anxieties.  If your dog has any health or behavioral issues, consider reaching out to Christie Jergens at christie.jergens@gmail.com  She has been very successful in treating animals. 

Hi Barb!

I just wanted to send a quick update on Jax. Since his homeopathic treatment, we have had zero biting incidents. None. He has settled in so well and could not be sweeter. He is great with all other dogs and happiest up at the cabin with all the free time with neighbor pups. We give him extra space and watch his body language carefully. We see less and less anxiety. Yesterday my daughter said, “ Mom, what would we do without him?”❤️

I want to assure you he is just the best. Thanks again for the gift.


P.S. Storm is also great! Our sweet and somewhat dorky boy is a showstopper and friend to all!!  

Jax Rolling Oaks Goldens