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Jandro’s dog Clifford

Dear Barb,
I want to send you this picture of Clifford and Jandro. I can not tell you how much Jandro adores his dog. We cannot go anywhere without Jandro begging to take Clifford with us. Clifford accompanies us to visit Grandma in Chicago, fishing in Northern MN, camping, baseball games, football games and he even enjoys daily trips to the schools to pick up Jandro’s siblings from various activities. Jandro loves to play with Clifford in the backyard. Jandro does not know how to play ball very well in that he rarely releases the ball for Clifford to fetch, however, together they have learned to play their own version of catch with Jandro running around the yard with the ball in his hand while Clifford follows Jandro around the yard waiting for Jandro to drop it. Clifford is a very ball happy dog and does get in a ton of fetch time with other members of the family but it is so nice to see Clifford adapt to Jandro’s limitations. Jandro constantly talks to Clifford calling him “My Boy”. If you spend time in our home you will hear Jandro yelling, “Come Boy” “Watch Boy” “Play with me Boy” “Eat Boy” and mostly “I wuf you Boy”. Clifford is so much more than just a dog in our house he is Jandro’s best friend and we are so grateful for him.

We send all our love and best wishes for a wonderful Christmas with your family as well as a wonderful New Year as you put your trust in God’s plans for Rolling Oaks. I am sure that He will be faithful as he knows just how important your dogs are in the lives of so many people.

Take Care,
Sue, Jandro & Clifford