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Hi Barb, Just thought I would send you pictures of Jack today. It is hard to believe he is one already. (Jack is a Captain/Delilah puppy) Here he is enjoying our hopefully last snow storm on the last day of April. When I read your posting on the boy dogs I was nodding in agreement. Jack is so sweet and laid back, which I credit to good breeding and selection of personality by you, I am so glad we agreed to a male dog. Also we have followed your tips from day one about “who is the boss” and “who is the dog”. We were talking the other day about how we do not think we have ever heard him even growl. Like I said he is very laid back. We have just started our second round of obedience classes – more for socializing him around other dogs and people than for anything else. Our instructor just thinks he is a beautiful and well behaved dog Thank you again for such a great do.
You and your family take care.