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Izzi Training

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Izzi (Hazel/Champ) is 6 months! I don’t know how we ever lived without her.
Just a few new pics to show you how beautiful she is.  As you can see she’s
very good at guarding the house. I think she just expects everyone walking
by to come and play with her ! She loves it outside – even when it’s so

We had Daniel out for the second time last weekend. He’s such a nice young
man and a great teacher. He took the time to demonstrate and then watched
Tom and I repeat the activity with Izzi -giving corrections and offering
tips. We wanted to be able to walk Izzi without having her pull in all
directions. She would get distracted by everything and everybody! We also
had problems with her jumping on people, coming when called, and getting her
to let go of whatever she retrieved.
Daniel had everything corrected in a matter of minutes! It was amazing!
He brought the special collar for us and Izzi responded so well to it.  Tom
walked her the next morning with her new collar and he said she was perfect.

She stays on our left side and sits when we stop. In addition to walking
with Izzi, Daniel showed us how to use the leash and collar to work on stay,
down and come. He encouraged us to work with her every day. Izzi is such a
wonderful dog and we want her to be well behaved too. She charms everyone
she meets!
We had her in puppy class for six weeks, but we learned more from Daniel in
an hour. I was grateful he was able to come to our house in the middle of
I won’t hesitate to call Daniel again when we’re ready for more training.
It’s a great experience. I’m going to start calling him the dog whisperer!!
I hope everything is well with your family.
Thank you again for Izzi – we love her so much!
Tom & Patti