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Izzi (Hazel/Champ)

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Hi Barb,

Just an update on Izzi (Hazel/Champ). I can’t believe she’s almost 1!
She’s everything we hoped for in a dog. Beautiful, smart and so loving.
She makes us smile everyday. I have enjoyed seeing the pictures of her
siblings. They looked so different as puppies and now they look alike! All
so beautiful.
Izzi is small. About 50 pounds – just the size we wanted. She has adjusted
to us -as you said she would. She’s always ready to play, but is also
content just to be in the room with us relaxing. I laugh when she tugs on
her pull toys and growls, because the tail is wagging at the same time! I
make sure to tell her how ferocious she is. She’s very well behaved and is a
good listener. Your Daniel was so helpful in teaching us how to talk to her
in training.. She took quickly to the training collar he brought us. She
stays with us when walking and sits when we stop.
We are so happy she is part of our family!
You’ve chosen the perfect dog for us ! Thankyou again for everything you’ve
done. We are so in love!!

Patti and family