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In Loving Memory Of John W. Topfer February 8, 1929 – August 25, 2009

img_0235My father in law passed away yesterday morning from a brain hemorrhage. He has spent a lot of time in our home, recovering from stokes or surgery, and has lived in Litchfield Bethany Home for the past five months. He longed to live on the farm he was raised on. The farm he milked cows on for 75 years, yet he understood the changes life brings and was thankful for the good care and friendships he made in Litchfield. As his care giver, we spent many hours drinking coffee, and discussing all the issues of life. I am so thankful he did not suffer in his death, and that I could be with him as he passed from this earth into the arms of his savior. We all know death will come, but when it does, I don’t think we are ever really prepared for it. Death catches us by surprise. Life is so precious. I see it as I hold a newborn baby, and as I watch an elderly man breathe his last breath. I am blessed to have known John, and cherish the memories I have with such a gentle, sweet man. It is not always easy to care for the elderly, and takes a lot of time to go to all the medical appointments, and meet the needs of someone who can’t care for themselves anymore. But it is also very rewarding. The gratefulness and appreciation for help in doing the simplest things. The hugs. What my children learned from John about life and respect is priceless. He was a kind man that impacted my life in many ways. He will be greatly missed.