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Huntly living the life!

Huntley is doing well. So kind. Can just see it his face. Overall listens really well. We left for Maui for two weeks and boarded him with a local gal. Felt bad so I let him lay on the couch that night. I just wished I could tell him what was going on. He was happy to see us on our return. Shredded like crazy afterwards, assuming stress but show in his personality . Typical picture of Nova and Huntley. He’s like her okay toy. She sets up a tea party around him most days and for the most part he just lies there with his head and watches her patiently. Ultimate family dog!

Gave him a much overdue bath tonight. Been muddy so he has been residing in the garage for awhile. To much work to keep him clean everyday out in the country. Mud has been his friend. I should have take a pic of that.

Huntley’s Family