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100_0655Hi Barb- Here is a picture of Hilde at Glacial Lake State Park. I took her camping with a friend this weekend. I wasn’t sure how it would go, but she did great and we all had a great time. Saturday alone she hiked about 16 miles with us. She is currently passed out on her dog bed at home. Oh the fun she had! She had free reign to a lake at our camp site, so she went for a quick swim when the mood struck her. She rolled in so much yuck. Dog heaven. She ran through meadows, found dead stuff, got a bunch of burrs and a leech! Last night she had happy puppy dreams and was running and yipping in her sleep! We have had Hilde over a year and every day she gets sweeter and sweeter. She is such a buddy and so fun to have around. Thanks for such a wonderful pup! Amy and Ray