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Heatley at Almost 9

Hi Barb!

I wanted to share these pics of Heatley with you – in one he is all chest puffing and showing off like a stud, and in another he’s showing his softer, sweeter side.  I could not resist one from the pool too because HOLY HECK is this dog a water dog!  We didn’t have great access to fresh water in MA – mostly just the ocean (the sound and movement of which always startled him) and some dirty ponds – so we had no idea what a natural and happy swimmer he was until we moved and put in our pool.


Heatley turns 9 in one month (7/29/13, Champ/Hazel) and you’d never know it. From his beautiful coat, bright eyes and incredible athleticism, everyone still thinks he’s more like 4 or 5.  He is never more happy than when we are all outside where he doesn’t really have an off switch – whatever can be thrown and retrieved must be…all. the. time.  That being said, he’s also the typical always-by-my-side sweet momma’s boy and seems to be finally settling in to the revolving door of the boys to/from college and work without the deep depression he would fall into anytime someone left the past two years.


Hoping all is well on the farm –


Sending loads of love as always,