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Happy Fall!

There is a lot happening at Rolling Oaks. October 13 was a gorgeous day in Hastings where our son Daniel married Angie Discher. The ceremony was outside and the weather was perfect. It was a wonderful celebration. We are overjoyed to welcome Angie to our family.

It is a Felt tradition to deer hunt. Russ has a passion for being in the woods and spending time away from the business of life. All of our kids now enjoy it as well. This weekend everyone will be home for deer hunting. There are 23 of us now with the grandchildren. It is a full house with lots of action. I absolutely love it. This is what I dreamed of. We have a beautiful farm and a large house. It is so fun to share it. I feel so blessed our family lives close enough to come home and even more blessed that they want to! I try hard not to take life for granted. I have experienced loss and know how quickly life can change. I am looking forward to a weekend full of love and laughter. With this many people there will be a few fights too, but that is what makes it life! Enjoy the ones you love!

I have notified all the clients who have a deposit here for a future puppy and wanted to post on the blog as well about the fall litters. Madison had a very difficult pregnancy and did not have any puppies. Nali just gave birth to 4 males on Halloween! Needless to say we did not have as many puppies as we were hoping for. We are breeding Piper/Jackson this week and their puppies will be born in January. That litter is spoken for. We will be breeding several more females as they come into their cycle. When I feel we have enough pregnancies I will open up the application process again. It is too difficult to take deposits on puppies too far into the future. At this point it looks like we may have puppies available late spring and summer. It is difficult to make promises when relying on Mother Nature. Thank you for understanding!