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Happy 20 Birthday Amy!

Today we celebrated Amy’s birthday. I could never have imagined 20 years ago how the tiny baby I held in my arms would impact my life and so many others. I was unsure of Down Syndrome, but terrified of Leukemia. When Amy was dying from the effect of chemo in 1997 I was frustrated and angry at God. Why wasn’t He healing her? I felt betrayed by the God who said He loved me. I finally surrendered and admitted that even if He didn’t heal Amy I would not stop loving or serving my King Jesus. Well, Amy was healed. Just not my way. And for the last 20 years she has taught me about life, unconditional love and the true meaning of success and happiness.

Anna administering antibiotics into Amy's PICC line
Anna administering antibiotics into Amy’s PICC line
amy 1
amy 2

These last months I have watched her change from a vibrant, happy independent young woman to a person who needs help with the very basics of life. Amy became like an empty shell, not able to feed herself or express her feelings. After MRI’s and countless tests we discovered what was stealing Amy from us. Lyme disease. A very wicked bacteria that has been attacking her brain. She had a picc line placed on Thursday and we began IV antibiotics. The picture shows how Amy’s day starts, with infusion of medication to stop this ugly disease. The other photos depict the warrior she is. Anna took these pictures this afternoon. They capture the Amy we know. The Amy that is coming back to us. With the love and support of her amazing friends and family Amy will win this battle. I don’t believe for one minute God abandoned us. Instead I see His hand on Amy’s life and her recovery. He has directed us to the right doctors and shown us how to help Amy heal. On May 22 we will celebrate Amy’s graduation from High School.  I can’t wait to share that day with all the people who love her and to see what He has in store for this amazing young woman. How blessed we are to have been chosen for this gift. Happy Birthday Amy Felt​ and many more HEALTHY, happy years! I am a better person because of you.