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Greta’s training

Hi Barb and Russ, It has been three weeks since Greta (Maddie and Captain, Nov. 2010) has returned from Rolling Oaks training. I cannot thank you enough for the amazing improvement in Greta’s behavior. As you know we attended puppy training last winter and spring and Greta was an attentive student. This summer as her strength grew, my command consistency lessened, and she challenged me more. After Rolling Oaks training, her heeling is so improved that walking has become a delight. We have added a mile to our daily walking routine, which is good for both of us. We have more fun at local dog parks; she “stays” and retrieves balls like a champ even with the distraction of other dogs. An added bonus from her Rolling Oaks experience is that Greta is totally content in her outdoor dog run. This allows for more flexibility with my work schedule. Thank you for teaching us valuable long lasting lessons.